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Cool stuff to see, read, watch, listen, and play!

Luna, our crazy dog: Her own YouTube page

Synchronized Thought: A pigeon lands on our wall.

My Garden:  How does it grow?  Quite well thank you.

My Facebook Page:  Come and visit!

Merry Christmas 2014! Our attempts at Holiday Spirit.

Merry Christmas 2013! Marriage Proposal and Potstickers.

The Beer Festival 2013: in Guadalajara. On the last day of a 3 day festival.

Our house in Mexico: Close to shopping, eating, and public transportation!

Road Trip to Mexico:  2013 from Gualala, CA to Zapopan, Jalisco, MX

Poncho:  My Co-Pilot and best little friend.  He died of cancer after changing my life forever.

The Welcome Wagon at Al's Place:  4 happy dogs welcome us to My brother's house in Fresno.

Teeth Across the Border2006, A documentary video about my trip to Algodonas, Mexico for dental work.

In My Own Dream:  Great song and sax by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell:  by Das Racist is a very quirky and funny song!  I remember hearing this while parked in front of the DMV in Fort Bragg.  I was mesmerized by its simplicity and the genius within! If you live in America, you know the combination they sing of. Its got a bouncy, catchy beat and lyrics (very few) that make me laugh every time I hear it.

Aint Nobody got Time for Dat!This woman escaped an apartment fire in Oaklahoma City.  her reaction was aired and then turned into a popular music video.  Channel 4 news interviewed her after she learned that music video had gone viral on the Internet.

Birthday at the Fair 2011 Teri and I went to the local county fair for my birthday.