Died on May 11, 2012  when he lost the fight with cancer.

He was my bundle of energy, my sunshine, he made me smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud.

His favorite place to relax was on my lap.

Such a handsome boy!

 He loved to go on walks.... 

with his friends.

A special chair and blankey.

At the watering hole.

"Landsharking" in the kitchen waiting for things to fall off the counter.

Nice clean floor.

Poncho loved to ride in the car....

Are we there yet?

I can get there faster....let me drive!

Older sister TidBit

Good ol' Molly

Little cousin Koda

Fighting over a toy that will eventually become Poncho's anyway.

Beautiful pose!  Hold it, Hold it.....


After Poncho died, nothing was ever the same again....
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