At the moment I am living in Yuba City, CA with my wife, Teri Saya, my dog, Luna Chula, and three cats, Mingus, Sassafras, and Shadow.

About Me


  • Reedly Community College, A.A. 1971 (Art)

  • CSU Fresno, B.A. 1980 (Art)

  • CSU Sacramento, M.A. 1982 (Art Therapy)

  • CSU Fresno, M.A. (Art)

  • Gallery Assistant for Naked Gate Studios, The Sea Ranch, CA 1996 Resident Artist.

  • South Coast High School, Point Arena, CA 1994 - 1997 Board of Directors.

  • Gualala Arts Center, Gualala, CA 1995 - 1996 Arts/Crafts Teacher for developmentally disabled adults.

  • Stockton, CA 1984 - 1986, Art Director, design and construction of stage sets.

  • Sacramento, CA 1982 - 1984, Art Director, Vietnam Vet House.

  • Sacramento, CA 1981 - 1984 Staff Artist, Valley Decorating.

  • Naked Gate Studios, Gualala, CA 1997

  • Students Against Drugs Art Show, Point Arena, CA 1996

  • YWCA, Kids from Domestic Violence Art Show, Fresno, CA 1990

  • A Very Special Art Show, Sacramento, CA 1985

  • Vietnam Vet House Art Show, Fresno, CA 1983

  • Gualala Arts Center, Avant Guard Show, Gualala, CA 1997

Show Installations
  • Main Street Gallery, Point Arena, CA 1997

  • Avant Guard Art Show, Gualala, CA 1996

  • Group Exhibit, Fig Tree Gallery, Fresno, CA 1980

  • Gallery 25, Men About Women, Fresno, CA 1979

  • Soup Kitchen Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M. 1975

  • Governor's Art Show, Sacramento, CA 1974

  • Dolphin Gallery, Gualala, CA 1994, 1997, 1999

  • Point Arena City Arts, Point Arena, CA 1998, 2000

Also Worked As
  • Co-Owner, Office Manager and Installer of an Internet Service Provider

  • Casino Security Guard

  • Community Security Guard

  • School Counselor

  • Campground Manager

  • Innkeeper

  • Bartender

Recent Works
color palette
color palette

Art Projects (under construction)

Explore Art's recent projects and get a glimpse into his creative process. From abstract paintings to realistic portraits, each piece reflects Art's unique style and artistic vision. Discover his latest creations and be inspired.

silhouette photo of man standing in front of LED wall lights \
silhouette photo of man standing in front of LED wall lights \
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the things I do for art.

a group of people sitting at a table
a group of people sitting at a table

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